Uzzil Batucan is without any doubts the best realtor Anchorage has to offer. She’s a very hard worker ( seems like she never sleeps ), always very positive, honest, profession and truly cares about her clients. She was willing to work with me at any time even though I was looking for a very low priced condo ( small commission ). She managed to get it done and I was able to buy my “first home”. Throughout the whole process she always answered all of my questions, no matter how obvious they were and made me feel like a high valued client. I’m still amazed that she put so much effort into this deal and ultimately made it happen. Not only did we find what I was looking for also managed to find it exactly where I want it. I’m very happy that I chose Uzzil.

I would definitely recommend Uzzil to any of my friends and family ( already did today ). I’m looking forward to work with Uzzil again to acquire a second property.