I LOVED working with Uzzil. I was an annoying buyer, who had a million questions and texted her nearly every day. Uzzil was always prompt in responding (even if it was at 1 am or 7 am) and answered my questions with a great attitude. What stood out to me was Uzzil’s integrity. Knowing that we were first time home buyers with busy schedules, she would provide recommendations when we saw the house (or before we saw it) if she didn’t think it was suitable for what we needed or if it would be too much of an investment. Uzzil coached us during the negotiation process, and kept us in the loop at each step. Also, at one point she had one other client that was interested in the house we ultimately purchased. Uzzil told both us and her other client about the conflict of interest, but was very clear that she would not share information about us to the other (and vice versa). Her transparency was wonderful, and really spoke to her strong ethical & moral compass. She even scheduled the closing around a mini-vacation we took! Did I mention that she got us a great deal on the house? =) We will definitely ask her to be our real estate agent for the next home we purchase. Thank you Uzzil!