Uzzil and Nevie were very knowledgeable in the home buying process! Everything was handled thoroughly, quickly, and without hesitation. In the beginning, they explained the steps toward becoming a new, first time homeowner with such ease! Every ounce of patience, love, and commitment was poured into finding the PERFECT house for me, that they made me feel like I was at home already! Since being totally new to Anchorage, I wasn’t sure who I’d encounter during this milestone. I inquired towards a realtor on Zillow, and no less than 3 minutes later, I received a call and email from them with open arms! Just like that, Houses upon houses were lined up for me to view within such a short time frame, and the unabated two never gave up on me to find the IDEAL house! They made sure I saw the property in person, to ensure I saw the fine detail of the house that photos may be hiding. Uzzil and Nevie negotiated plenty during the process to make sure we were well taken care of and had nothing to worry about in the home! They were unequivocally prepared to answer any questions I had, or address any concerns of mine as if they read my mind! (Not that I made it difficult, but due to all the facts that were presented with extreme clarity!) Through the difficulty of COVID, they assisted me and tried their absolute best in being there during trying times. (Pandemic Prepared, I would say!) Without a doubt, Uzzil and Nevie are outstanding realtors and extraordinary women! They are honest in the work they conduct, trustworthy and hospitable with their clients, and overall cheerful, blessed beings! I would immediately recommend them to anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent their investment they call home! They’re definitely a phone call away from my next house purchase, for sure!